This year we’ve upgraded our camp online registration system to ACTIVE® Network! This means you have the ability to quickly and easily sign up for activities, make payments and save on special offers. Wherever you go, you can enjoy the Y with ACTIVE®. Below is a basic walkthrough of the registration process. If you have more questions about our new registration system, you can read our ACTIVE® FAQ.

1. Click the “register” button on the session you want to register for. A new browser tab/window will open with detailed registration information.
Registration Page

2. Click “add to cart”.
Add to Cart page

3. Sign in to the registration system using your YMCA Detroit username and password.

Please note: If you are not a YMCA member, or have never registered online for a program at our Ys before, you will need to create an account. Even if you had a log-in that you used to register for Camp last year, you will need to create a new one. Please do so by clicking on “Create an Account” link at the top right of the page, and follow the prompted steps. You will not need to add your camper as an additional family member at this time in the registration process, you will be prompted to do so later.

log in
Don't add family member's yet

4. Once you are signed in, you can then go back to the activity page for the camp week you want to register for, press “add to cart” again, and the system will allow you to continue registration. You can now add your camper as an additional family member by selecting “Create a New Family Member” link in the “Select Participant” section.
create new family member

5. Enter the appropriate information for the camper you would like to sign up for Camp in the pop-up window and hit the “Add Family Member” button.
Add family member

Then, select your camper from the dropdown list.
Select Camper

6. Click “Next” to continue registration.

7. Select the Add-Ons (Specialty camps, bussing, etc) you need for your week of camp.
choose add ons

8. If you are not already a member of the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit, you need to purchase $39 Community Participant membership to register.

This will allow you to fully participate in camps and programs across the YMCA of Metropolitan Detroit for 1 year. If you currently have a YMCA membership, you will skip this step.
Community Participant

9. You will then be prompted to select a payment plan.

Feel free to choose from one of our available options. If you do not wish to create a payment plan, and wish to just pay in full, please click the X in the top right hand of the payment plan window. This will allow you to continue registration and pay in full at check out.
payment plan

10. If you would like to add another camper, click “Register another participant for this Activity”. If you don’t need to add another camper, click “proceed to shopping cart” to check out.

Add another camper
proceed to cart

11. Next, add your initials to Y’s concussion form and liability waiver, and click “next”.

Please note: you will need to fill out further camper forms (custody forms, medical forms etc) before your camper arrives at Camp.

12. Enter your applicable payment information and click “Pay and Finish”.

Congratulations! You’ve registered for Camp! You will be receiving an email within one week from our document management software CampDocs inviting you to fill out the rest of your camper’s forms. Please ensure these are filled out prior to coming to Camp! If you have any questions, feel free to give our office a call at 989-739-2801.